Tenant Handbook

Procedures for Handling Violations

  1. Parking in a crosswalk or blocking driveway.
  2. Parking in restricted area (No Parking, Loading Zone or Fire Lane).
  3. Parking in accessible space without displaying DMV permit.
  4. Parking in designated space without proper authorization (Visitor, Reserved, Motorcycle)
  5. Parking in 2 spaces (parking a vehicle so it occupies 2 spaces).
  6. Parking "on the line".

Examples of where it is illegal to stop or park your vehicle are:

  • Alongside any curb painted red (Fire Lane); 
  • In a “No Stopping” Zone; 
  • In a “No Parking” zone; (you can stop but not park); 
  • In a loading zone unless the vehicle is specifically permitted to use the loading zone; 
  • Across any passage, thoroughfare, entrance, driveway or pedestrian crossing; 

Procedures for handling violations

In the case of a violation, the operator will receive a paper ticket for the first violation.  If a second violation occurs an orange warning will be posted on the side window on the driver’s side.  If a third violation is committed the vehicle will be towed or “booted”.  The fine for removing the “Boot” is $60.

In cases where the vehicle is parked blocking traffic or creating a hazard the vehicle will be towed.

If a vehicle is parked unauthorized in a reserved parking space, it will be booted or towed.

Note: For motorist services such as breakdowns, keys locked in vehicles as well as for towing of vehicles  when required:      

The wrecker company for Westway Plaza garage is: Safe Towing, 832-250-7628