Tenant Handbook

Fire Emergencies

Westway Plaza is protected by an audible alarm system.  When a manual fire alarm on a floor is pulled, the audible alarm will automatically ring on the floor above and below.

Smoke and heat detectors are located in areas that might be prone to fire - those areas with electrical equipment and wiring - such as mechanical rooms, electric rooms, telephone closets, elevator lobbies, and janitorial closets.  When activated, these will also initiate the system into alarm.

When a pull station, smoke detector, or heat detector is activated due to a fire condition, then all elevators will be recalled to the lobby level and parked. Use only the stairwells to evacuate the building in the event of a fire.

All tenants should familiarize themselves with the location of fire extinguishers, is so equipped and fire alarm manual stations.  Tenants should also know the locations of the exits, recognize the sound of the fire alarm, know how to activate the fire alarm and notify the fire department.  Proceed directly to the exit whenever the fire alarm is heard.  Prior to opening a door, feel the door front to determine it there is heat behind it.  If the door is hot, then do not open and find another means of egress.

Upon Discovering a Fire

  • Alert personnel who may be immediately endangered and proceed to the nearest pull station to activate the alarm system.  Sound the fire alarm, no matter how small the fire seems to be. 

  • CALL 911 
  • Close all doors behind you, especially the door to the burning room.

Fire Warden Training

For certification, the City of Houston offers training certification at no charge.  Classes are held monthly, to register and for more information, visit their website: http://www.houstontx.gov/fire/highrisecert  

Another option for Fire Warden Training, your company may hire Deal Consulting for certification and compliance training.  They offer both online coursework and may come on-site for company training.  

Contact:  Steve Deal
Phone:  713-253-4106
Email:  dealconsulting@gmail.com 
Website: http://dealconsulting.com