Tenant Handbook

Bomb Threats

In the event that a bomb threat is made to your office, there are certain procedures you can follow that will be helpful to Property Management and the police in determining the appropriate cause of action.

Try to remain as calm as possible.  Signal to another employee, if possible, to get on the same line (another phone) quietly and take notes.

After receiving a threatening phone call, notify the Police Department by dialing 911; then notify the Building Management Office.  An appropriate course of action will then be determined for searching and evacuating the building.

Outlined below are questions that should be completed if a bomb threat is received.  This form will assist police in identifying the caller.

Circle items that apply as you listen:

Identify: Male Female Adult Juvenile  
Voice:  Loud Soft Normal Intoxicated Other
Speech:  Fast Medium Slow Slurred Foul
Diction:  Excellent Good Fair Slow  
Accent:  Describe        
Manner:  Calm  Angry  Rational  Irrational Street
Background Noises:  Office Voices Music Bar Cafeteria 
  Factory Traffic  Other    


Ask:   Exact location of bomb?  Inside?  Outside?  Which Floor? Time set to explode?  What kind of bomb?  What does it look like?

Legitimate caller usually wants to avoid injuries or deaths.  Request as much information as possible by expressing a desire to save lives.  Notify the Management Office or Security.

Time _________________    Suite # _________________

Date: _____________            Time Completed: ___________________

Person Receiving Call: __________________________________

Additional Information:

  • Did caller indicate knowledge of the building?  If so, how?
  • What line did call come in on?
  • Is this a listed or unlisted number?
  • Is this a night number?  If so, whose?