Tenant Handbook


Tornado Watch means that climatic conditions are conducive to the formation of violent rotating wind accompanied by a funnel-shaped cloud(s).  Listen for weather advisories and take reasonable precautions to protect life and property.

Tornado Warning means that a funnel cloud has been sighted in  the area.  Listen for warning sirens and take shelter immediately until the danger is over.

If a Tornado is imminent, follow these procedures:

  1. Keep abreast of weather conditions via radio or television.
  2. Clear desks, tables, and windowsills of unsecured items..
  3. Move easily moveable furniture and office equipment away from window.  Close all doors.
  4. Tenant Wardens move occupants of his/her space to the core areas of the buildings (corridors, elevator lobbies).
  5. If your company decides to evacuate the building, the Tenant Contact notifies the Building Management office of your intention to do so.
  6. Notify the Building Management office at 346-404-0480 of all severe leaks, fires, structural damage, etc., during or after.