Tenant Handbook

Moving Company Requirements

Prior to the day of the move, your moving company must provide a Certificate of Insurance evidencing the following:

Commercial General Liability
Automobile Liability
Worker’s Compensation/Employers Liability

(Contact Management for specific insurance requirements.)

Building Management will inspect your move-in route to your suite before and after your move.  We suggest that your move coordinator attend the walkthrough.

Tenants are responsible for their moving company by:

  • Scheduling arrivals and departures
  • Supervising help
  • Providing access to restrooms
  • Making repairs to building damages and/or reimbursement for costs
  • Removing all packing materials
  • Requiring placement of rigid boarding over the pathway to and from the elevators and office.
  • Protecting wall corners with shields
  • Keeping elevators padded
  • Using established service routes and access doors
  • Prohibiting the use of the main lobby without special approval and preparation
  • Notifying Building Management for answers to any questions related to the building